Cristina Ionescu

Cristina graduated from Bucharest Technical University of Construction in 2012 where she has studied structural and seismic engineering.  After obtaining her bachelor’s diploma she decided to follow Master’s courses in the field of Geotechnical and Special Foundation Engineering at the same university, from which she graduated in 2014. Living in a very seismic area and being aware of the catastrophic effects earthquakes may have, she decided to further enhance her knowledge in the field and started attending Phd courses.

During her Master’s years she has also worked full time as a structural engineer at DADA Project, where she participated at the design of many buildings in Romania, such as residential, office, and industrial buildings.

She moved to London in 2015 and started to work with Evolve in the same year, where she looks forward to perfectionate her engineering skills.

In her spare time she likes to go hiking in the mountains together with her friends and family, traveling around Europe or going horseback riding in the woods. Her pets are also a big part of her life.