Environmental Policy

Evolve is a structural and civil engineering consultancy specialising in buildings and civil engineering works associated with buildings. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality design and working collaboratively with our clients in every commission undertaken. We aim to carry out our business in a way that is always environmentally safe and responsible.

We are fully committed to producing innovative and sustainable designs in a way that is environmentally acceptable and efficient. We believe that the structural engineer can contribute to ensuring sustainable design without leading to increases in project costs and that sustainable designs can be delivered through producing well-detailed and co-ordinated designs with other consultants, ensuring:

- Protection of the environment
- Prevention of pollution
- Sustainable resource use
- Climate change mitigation and adaption
- Protection of biodiversity and ecosystems
- Minimal waste of materials
- Efficient design to minimise waste.

Evolve is committed to driving continual improvement of our Environmental Management System to enhance our environmental performance.

As an Organisation we shall:

- Dispose of waste in a responsible and safe manner and introduce programmes which aim to minimise waste.

- Identify and effectively manage and control our processes to prevent pollution and help reduce the likelihood of any environmental incidents.
- Report on our performance on a regular basis and strive to continually improve the performance of the management system.
- Promote ownership and control of environmental issues at business levels.
- Providing responsible behaviour through training and awareness programmes to our employees in order to support the implementation of our Environmental Management System.
- Comply with and fulfil all applicable environmental legal and other requirements.

This Environmental Policy is communicated to all employees and can be made available to interested parties (when requested) and is reviewed on an annual basis.

last updated: May 2023

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