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Our vision is clear. EVOLVE, always.

Always finding better ways to design, to collaborate, to innovate, to share ideas, to grow individually and as a team. We never lose sight of the big picture. Our core values are weaved into our design approach; always thinking of ways we can excel and better the industry, the world and its people. We take a holistic approach to our work and together deliver exciting, robust and innovative solutions at every stage of the design cycle, from planning right through to completion.

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Structural engineering

Creative structural solutions for a better world

Our engineering design skills are utilised daily on a wide range of projects from multimillion-pound structures for commercial developments, including both new build and refurbishments, to special commissions on mesmerising pieces of sculptural art.

Initial ideas and thoughts are developed using approximate design methods and sketches into more complex analysis models that enable challenging and cost effective solutions to be studied rigorously.

Civil engineering

Embracing sustainable drainage & complex infrastructures

Evolve is committed to cost effective and sustainable approaches to design and construction. Experts in designing Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), we provide a holistic approach to managing rainwater to reduce the risk of flooding and water pollution. SuDS can also lower pressure on the sewerage network and improve local biodiversity.

Site constraints and issues that may impact on masterplanning and future development will always be assessed and we will assist in procuring relevant surveys such as topographical, geo-environmental and on-site infrastructure. Our underground drainage schemes and civils works for external hard-landscaping areas, roads and pavements are vital in enhancing all a building has to offer and in improving the overall experience for the communities who use them.


Learning from the past & pushing for a brighter future

As a signatory to the UK Structural Engineers Declare Climate & Biodiversity Emergency campaign, we are fully committed to working to negate the harmful effects of the construction industry and to reduce our own carbon emissions year-on-year.

We love to work with similarly aspired clients on exemplar projects to create blueprints for future developments. We are proactive in our approach to circular economy, considering the total life span of the buildings we design, ensuring that the end of life of a building does not mean large volumes of construction waste. Throughout the design period we look to contribute our expertise on low-carbon structures to help ensure each finished building is as efficient and sustainable as possible. We have developed a sustainability toolkit to help clients work through the myriad of sustainable solutions and circular economy initiatives available in order to provide the right solutions for each project.

Evolve obtained the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification in 2021.

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Acquisitions & Due Diligence

Sharing expertise & specialist structural advice

Our expertise in structural surveys is combined with extensive commercial development experience to offer support in due diligence assessments on existing structures and sites.

We work directly for purchasers and potential developers, as well as forming part of a due diligence team to provide specialist structural advice.

Structural Surveys & Investigations

Providing a thorough basis of understanding for your project

Our team of Chartered Engineers, with a vast experience of building structures and materials, oversee structural surveys on all building types, including many listed structures with both heritage and conservation interests.

We ensure that surveys are carried out sensitively and safely with suitable Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) prepared where appropriate. Depending on the scale of the survey, single page reports, interim reports and fully detailed structural reports can be prepared to suit client requirements.

Technology & Innovation

Enabling dynamic collaboration & efficient decision making

Evolve has always invested significantly in the digital side of the business to ensure we can offer the best industry technology available to our clients.

Analysis software such as SCIA and Tekla Structural Designer allow our engineers to study the complexity and efficiency of all structure types. Our technicians are all proficient Autodesk Revit users with 3D models forming the basis of our drawings.  We can therefore work at all Building Information Modelling (BIM) levels to suit individual project requirements. This BIM facilities the use of collaborative sharing and efficient decision making throughout the life of a project.

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