Broadfields School

Broadfields School


Everyone knows how important education is but it’s not all about learning facts and figures, writing and arithmetic.

Good structural design and innovative use of space in a school can help create a learning and playing environment that can contribute a great deal towards positive outcomes; helping promote a sense of value and encouraging pupils and teachers to engage with each other and their surroundings in an uplifting way.

Evolve’s work on Broadfields Primary School in Barnet is the second school construction project we’ve engineered as part of the Primary Schools Capital Investment Programme in North London.

Our team worked closely with the architects to advise on structural support finishes, the first floor classrooms’ concrete podium support, and to ensure the roof rafters exactly profiled the designer’s geometrical requirements.

Broadfields Primary School (6)

The result is a stunningly modern primary school, full of light and space, which sits within its landscape with ease and offers a vibrant and welcoming space for staff, pupils, parents and visitors. The front entrance and double height atrium are flooded with light, and the cantilevered canopy roof adds a dramatic finishing touch, both inside and out.