Giltbrook Retail Park

Giltbrook Retail Park

The major redevelopment of this existing long standing undeveloped site has brought great improvements for the local community and local business opportunities.

The site has become a major go to destination for shoppers with a new selection of well-known high street brands complimenting the attraction of the existing IKEA store.


The northern section development has opened up a number of work and leisure opportunities through the presence of industrial units, award-winning 20 barrel microbrewery and tenants offering children’s soft play facilities.

The introduction of a partially sub-merged decked car park has brought a release to the previous parking demands and allows staff to all units to have dedicated parking.

The development of the site also required the provision of an extensive SUDS drainage provision, which was completed with the introduction of an at-source hydrocarbon interception system. The introduction of this system has brought benefit to the local drainage catchment and the associated community.

More plans are being considered to further improve the facilities and experiences at this reputable destination.

Images Courtesy of McLaren Construction..