Swansea Visitor Centre

Swansea Visitor Centre


Renewable energy doesn’t have to be boring. That’s the message emanating from the upcoming man-made, energy-generating tidal lagoon Swansea Bay, Wales – which will be the first of its kind in the World.

The integral hub of the project will be the new Visitor’s Centre, sited on top of the seawall and with easy access via foot, cycle and electric bus. The Centre – with it’s curving, overlapping shell-like outer walls and expansive light and view-filled interior – has been designed and engineered as a beacon; both enhancing the horizon, and drawing people towards it.

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The primary function is to offer protection from the wind and waves, but a clever multiple-level layout means it’s an invitation for locals and visitors to come again and again to explore the landscape, understand the clever engineering, and enjoy the ever-changing views.

Working in close collaboration with Paul Newman and the team at Juice Architects, our engineering team has focused on making an ambitious vision a practical reality. In particular we’ve contributed ideas for key features like curved solid concrete interior walls, a lightweight timber roof and individual floor load paths.

Ultimately the new Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon will provide clean, low-cost and abundant renewable energy for over 120,000 South Wales homes, with a Visitor’s Centre that’s set to become a recreational destination for all weathers.

Images Courtesy of Juice Architects.