Our core business is to provide services related to structural engineering on buildings and this is often extended to site infrastructure and on-site civil engineering requirements. We have a network of high quality individuals and companies that enable us to offer comprehensive advice to clients on all structural and civil engineering matters that are suited to the particular needs of the project.

Our team of professionally qualified structural engineers are vastly experienced in structures and materials.

If you require engineering advice regarding the range of services we offer, please contact one of our Directors or Associates to discuss your project with you further.

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Structural Engineering Design Services.

Evolve prides itself in its bright and enthusiastic engineers, supported by an Associate team and Directors with track record and experience on all types of building structures. We develop initial ideas and thoughts using approximate design methods and sketches into more complex analysis models that enable challenging and cost effective solutions to be studied rigorously.

By focusing on our core skills of structural engineering, we are able to work on wide range of projects from small commissions on pieces of art to multi-million pound structures for commercial developments.

Our project types range across all sectors of the construction industry and include both new build and refurbishment of existing buildings.

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BIM and Computer Modelling for Structures.

Evolve has invested significantly in IT, computer hardware and software to ensure we can offer the best technology available in the Construction Industry to our Clients. For example, analysis software such as SCIA and Tekla Structural Designer allow our engineers to study the complexity and efficiency of all structure types.

Our technicians are all proficient Revit users where the basis of the drawings on a project is a 3D model. This means we can work at all BIM Levels on all projects where requested by Clients.

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Structural Surveys.

Our team of Chartered Engineers, with a vast experience of building structures and materials, oversee structural surveys on all building types. Evolve has been commissioned for surveys on many Listed buildings where there is both a heritage and conservation interest.

Our starting point is that surveys are carried out sensitively and safely with suitable Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) prepared where appropriate.

Depending on the scale of the survey, single page reports, interim reports and fully detailed structural reports can be prepared to suit Client requirements.

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Property and Asset procurement and Due Diligence assessments of properties.

Evolve combines its expertise in structural surveys with its extensive commercial development experience to offer support in Due Diligence assessments on existing structures and sites.

We have worked directly for purchasers and potential developers as well as forming part of a Due Diligence team where we have provided the specialist advice on structures.

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Sub-terranean Construction Method Statements for planning applications.

Many Local Authorities have strict planning policies in respect to the construction of basements and other sub-terranean structures. Often they will require a detailed method statement prepared by a Structural Engineer that includes a description of how the work will be carried out without impacting on neighbouring properties and to be submitted with the Planning Application. These can be quite detailed and may need to include calculations and detailed drawings.

Evolve can assist in clarifying what is required and at what stage information needs to be prepared. We can prepare the Construction Method Statement for you to submit to the Planning Authority.

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Site assessments and infrastructure engineering related to masterplanning and new developments.

Our civil engineering team carry out site assessments, where it considers site constraints and issues that may impact on masterplanning and future development. The team evaluate proposals and assist in procuring suitable surveys that may include topographical, geo-environmental and on site infrastructure surveys.

Where necessary our Engineers have the appropriate experience to liaise with relevant Third Parties over issues related to development and infrastructure, for example the Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Internal Drainage Board and relevant Water Authority.

Evolve will design underground drainage schemes and civils works for external hard-landscaping areas, roads and pavements that support the activities of buildings and the communities who use them.

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Sustainable Engineering and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS).

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) sets out planning policy and guidance on the control of surface water to protect the environment. SuDS are an approach to managing rainwater falling on roofs and other surfaces through a sequence of actions. The key objectives are to manage the flow rate and volume of surface runoff to reduce the risk of flooding and water pollution. SuDS also reduce pressure on the sewerage network and can improve biodiversity and local amenity.

Evolve’s engineers provide an holistic approach to SuDS in accordance with the NPPF and in association with the national parameters set out in the HR Wallingford Guide where designs are ultimately approved by the LLFA (Lead Local Flood Authorities) who since 6th April 2015 have become the appointed statutory consultee on planning applications for associated surface water management.

Additional services we offer.

For several years Evolve has worked integrally with its Spanish Partners , the BAC Engineering Consultancy Group. BAC’s core business is civil engineering, structural engineering, naval inspection and quality control. BAC is also developing two new branches of engineering services: environmental & renewable energy and water & infrastructure. BAC’s engineers have provided specialist expertise on high rise structures, computational fluid dynamics and material testing.

BAC has worked with some of the world’s leading architectural practices on signature international buildings.

This partnership  also enables Evolve to offer an increased level of resource along with its expertise when required by our clients.

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Additional services we offer.

In order to offer a wider range of skills associated with masterplanning, external áreas of hard-standing and landscaping, Evolve has collaborated extensively with The Environmental Protection Group Limited (EPG). Established in 1998, EPG has developed into a leading independent design consultancy specialising in the delivery of cost effective project design in the areas of contaminated land remediation and gas protection, sustainable drainage, flood risk assessment and water management for sports and activity surfaces.

Both consultancies are committed to cost effective and sustainable approaches to design and construction.

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