Vinesh Ravindran

A student at the University of Leeds, Vinesh is undertaking a ‘Year in Industry’ placement with evolve, having currently completed three years of his four-year Architecture degree.

Vinesh previously spent two weeks on work experience with a Malaysian structural engineering firm. With a keen interest in buildings, he is now eager to gain further knowledge and practical experience in the construction industry.

In his free time, Vinesh likes to play Sunday league football with friends, where he is a ‘serviceable’ left-winger. He also likes to cycle and mountain bike, taking advantage of the many trails in south London. Vinesh represents his university in lacrosse, where he is the first-team goalkeeper. He is, however, glad to have a year off from the bruising caused by balls being pelted at him!

Vinesh volunteers at a local charity called Coram where he helps run workshops for young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds in London.