Hurst Avenue

Hurst Avenue

We have developed an excellent relationship with Bliss Space’s owner, Daniel Broch. We previously undertook structural design on the Everyman Cinema, Hampstead and The Nest, Cley-Next-The-Sea.

25 Hurst Avenue (7)

At Hurst Avenue, Bliss Space demolished a 1960s semi-detached property in-order to construct two adjoined four storey dwellings. The existing site sloped a full storey height from back to front and as such a reinforced concrete box was constructed between lower ground and ground floor level. The concrete structure provided a foundation for the cross laminated timber panel constructed structure above ground.

Due to the large excavation for the lower ground floor we designed 5m deep mass concrete underpinning to the existing adjoined neighbour’s property and a king post retaining wall to the other neighbouring property.

A pavilion was constructed at the end of each garden, which due to the large trees was constructed on mini piles and framed in glued laminated (glulam) timber, timber I joist floor and roof joists and timber stud walls panels.