MBDA Bristol & Stevenage

MBDA Bristol & Stevenage

Bristol 20W

Maintaining the functionality of this building during its redevelopment was paramount to the project and the important and sensitive work being carried out by its staff.

The alteration and conversion of an existing tank hall and the infill and over-roof of an existing internal atrium allowed for the creation of new office floor plates and welfare facilities.

The completion of the works introduced a work space that paralleled the modern technical research and development that is at the core of the MBDA business.

The project won the 2008 BCO awards southern region for best recycled / refurbished building.


Stevenage B100

Similar to the works completed to the 20W building in Bristol the client wanted to provide an enhanced working environment for their office and administration staff at Stevenage.

This resulted in the enclosure of an existing atrium to form a usable break-out and company function area.



Stevenage B1200 & B1300

The presence of a building vibration issue was causing a great deal of daily discomfort to the office and clerical staff working within a number of floor plates and buildings.

Through a detailed study and the introduction of a simplistic designed and quantified solution. The frequency of the existing long span floors was rebalanced bringing comfort and harmony to the large office floor plates and the staff working within.


Stevenage Unit 5000 to 5600inc.

The safety and protection of all staff is paramount to any business even more so to the staff working on complex, sensitive equipment and systems, which potentially go on to be used in the realms of Defence.

Equally, protected and safe access to the equipment supporting these operations needs the same level of attention to mitigate the risks to all stages of the process and operatives.

Through a detailed study and evaluation of all parts of the suspended access installation the existing provisions were enhanced and strengthened and the works were completed without effecting the productivity or programmes of important work being completed by its production and maintenance staff.