The completion of this vibrant and dynamic ‘pod’, brings to the end the retail park redevelopment and refresh works at Mayflower.

Since 2011, evolve has worked with British Land and a dedicated consultant team to develop and design the transformation of this late 1980s retail park. The completed works form one of the benchmark sites for the British Land BLue:print rollout which introduces its national retail park plan to bring about major improvements for visitors by upgrading pavements, pedestrian movement, car parking, way-finding and visitor facilities.

The works were designed to complement other retail tenant façade enhancements and to draw interest from additional high street brands, providing new leasing opportunities.

The building itself, with its barrel curved roof, was a challenging structural steel form to create. Through clever geometric manipulation, the building envelope/form is ultimately supported by a regular beam and column grid, with staged and levelled secondary steelwork creating a suitable platform for a curved built-up metal roof deck system.

The placement of the building within the site also called for careful alteration to the surrounding ground levels whilst maintaining the support of the adjacent public footpath.

The Mayflower site has now been totally transformed and the completion of this colourful premises, located at the forefront of the main site entrance, will no doubt catch the eye of passing customers.

The project was deemed a great success and one which sets a standard for other food pod developments.