We were very pleased to contribute to the October 2019 edition of ‘The Structural Engineer’ magazine, the flagship publication of the Institution of Structural Engineers.

In an article entitled, ‘Why it pays to be able to demonstrate your understanding of structural behaviour’, former IStructE President Tim Ibell discusses the Institution’s new Certificate in Structural Behaviour and the significant benefits in not only being able to increase one’s comprehension of the topic, but also in being able to exhibit such proficiency to employers and industry colleagues.

Giving an employer’s view on the development programme are evolve Director Ian Craig and Delivery Leader Nadia Perkins:

“At evolve, people are the foundation of everything we do. Our key message is to inspire and develop great people who share our passion for engineering excellence. We believe that guiding our young engineers through the Structural Behaviour Course and encouraging them to gain the certificate is a positive step in bettering themselves, improving their skills, and pursuing a path towards becoming a chartered structural engineer.”

The pair add, “Our career development process gives evolve’s clients confidence that all the engineers working on their projects, even if not yet chartered, have strong engineering knowledge and capability. This can be formally demonstrated with the certificate, which is an internationally recognised mark of competence.”

Aimed particularly at Student and Graduate Members, the development and launch of the Structural Behaviour Course and its companion, the Certificate in Structural Behaviour, has formed a major part of the Institution’s education programme.

Ibell says, “The certificate demonstrates to employers a high level of understanding, and that the young engineer will be better at avoiding technical errors and able to ‘sense check’ errors in software output. Thus, the Institution’s two resources on structural behaviour are a perfect combination for preparing students for the workplace.”

You can read the full article, including the complete employer’s view from evolve, here:  The-Structural-Engineer-October-2019-Why-it-pays-to-be-able-to-demonstrate-your-understanding-of-structural-behaviour

To find out more about the course and certificate mentioned, please visit www.istructe.org