We were excited to be involved with the creation of the wonderful Wooden Parliament, as part of the London Festival of Architecture (LFA) 2019.

The structure is a temporary wooden pavilion designed by architects Cristina Díaz Moreno and Efrén García Grinda of the Madrid-based practice AMID.cero9. We worked with our Spanish partners BAC on the project, alongside construction company Malasa. It was organised by the Museum of Architecture and supported by timber company Finsa and Argent, who allowed use of their development space at Granary Square, King’s Cross.

The seven-metre-high Wooden Parliament is an open-air pavilion made of supporting wooden structures. Inside, rows of seats are arranged horizontally to face each other, forming inclined platforms designed to encourage visitors to debate, converse and contemplate. A series of large wooden knots covering the pavilion follow the precise geometry of the wooden structures.

The concept of the design was a displacement of a private interior in a public space: an immersive room wrapped in a decorative dress.

Following this year’s LFA theme of ‘Boundaries’, the idea was to propose a space of dialogue and negotiation through which different viewpoints, ideas and relationships are forged. It seeks to articulate the way architecture can serve as a mediator in the process of creation of individual and collective identities, by responding to and challenging the understanding of public space in London today.

The evolve team, together with BAC, delivered precise calculations to ensure the pavilion would withstand the necessary vertical and horizontal loads, giving constructive solutions to ensure stability and supervising the build to confirm compliance.

As part of the month-long Festival currently taking place across the city, the pavilion is being used as a platform for a series of drop-in events including live music, art workshops, children’s workshops and more, in association with the Museum of Architecture; activity which further encourages the public’s engagement and participation with the architectural design.

The London Festival of Architecture runs until Sunday 30 June. The Wooden Parliament pavilion is located at the entrance to Coal Drops Yard in King’s Cross. It is open to the public and free to enter.