We were thrilled to be joined by a special new recruit in November as part of the Women’s Engineering Society’s (WES) Lottie Tour 2021.

Lottie visited evolve to learn all about structural engineering as part of an annual campaign, now in its sixth year, that enables her to visit different locations to sample a variety of engineering careers.

The main aim of the tour is for each Lottie doll to inspire and encourage young children, especially girls, to develop an interest in engineering and corresponding STEM subjects, and to view it as an appealing and accessible future career choice.

During this year’s tour, Lottie got to experience the many varied, interesting things that engineers do on a daily basis and to meet some amazing female role models. Her experiences were then shared across social media as part of Tomorrow’s Engineers week (November 8th-12th 2021) using the #WESLottieTour hashtag, while parents, family members and educators were encouraged to share the content with the younger audience.

During her time with evolve, Lottie was on hand to assist our engineers with their design work. She also helped the graduates to prepare for a very important exam and went on site to visit some major refurbishment projects, making sure to wear her PPE to help keep her safe on site. Lottie loved wearing her hard hat so much that she sometimes kept it on in the office! She also got to do some industry networking as she visited New London Architecture at Coal Drops Yard to see the very impressive New London Model.

The WES Lottie Tour was dreamed up by the Women’s Engineering Society Early Careers Board (WES ECB), a group of passionate young volunteer women, working and studying within engineering, and the people behind Lottie – Arklu.

The multi award-winning Lottie doll is based on a smart, curious nine-year-old and is designed to celebrate childhood and empower children by encouraging them to be themselves, play, explore and have fun. Having recognised how underrepresented girls were in STEM careers, Arklu focused a lot of their doll development on encouraging girls to develop an interest in STEM subjects. The tie-in with the ECB to launch the WES Lottie Tour followed in 2016.

It was an absolute pleasure to have Lottie with us to explore the world of structural engineering and we really hope she’ll come back to visit us again soon!

You can find out more about the WES Lottie Tour here: http://www.weslottietour.org.uk/

WES Lottie Tour 2021